10 things you may not know about me...

1. I love to rock climb.
2. I'm afraid of going too fast in a car as passenger, yet I will drive upwards of 110 mph and not realize it.
3. I will be marrying the best woman in the world in 127 days.
4. I enjoy fishing, even if I don't catch anything.
5. I can't function if my hands are too cold.
6. I am sometimes passive-aggressive.
7. I've moved more times in my life than I am years old (24).
8. Snakes scare the bejesus out of me.
9. I am horrible with money.
10. I've had 5 piercings in my life, but I don't have any now.

How about you?



I'm really coming to like Crossfit. I started last week. At first I only went on Tuesday and Friday - Monday and Wednesday are for cardio. Now I go Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and do the Monday and Wednesday workouts in the evenings after doing hw and talking with Em.
At first I was nervous and thought that I wasn't strong or fit enough to hang with the other people doing it (here at school). Yet, after talking with a buddy that goes every morning (and is also on the climbing team), I thought I'd give it a shot.
It's a sort of thing where everyone check's their ego at the door. No matter that I'm not as strong as somebody or that I get tired quicker. None of that matters. All that matters is that I push myself and stay motivated to get better. I find myself working out in a very non-threatening community.
All of this working out business sprung from me being overweight when I got back from Christmas break. My being overweight wasn't because of Christmas break, with all of its many goodies, but because I generally slacked of last semester. Even then, I don't feel so bad about it.
So, here I am. You can check out the workouts if you like on the Black and Gold Crossfit Blog. They may seem daunting at first - I was indeed thoroughly daunted - but keep in mind that one can set the weight at whatever works for him/her. There are at least two girls that are in there as well throwing down every morning.
Cheers all!

Where were you?

Where were you for President Obama's Inaugural Speech?
What were you doing?
How old were you?
Who was with you?

I was in the mess hall.
I was chowing down on some corn chowder and a spicy chicken patty.
I was 24 years old.
I was with my table-mates: Neil, Brian B., Chris N., Scott W., Will Y., Michael S., Rope, Schmidt, and Curran.


Last First week of classes: done

That's right. I've officially finished my last first week of classes. This semester seems like a string of lasts. Immediately following graduation, a thread of firsts will begin: graduating from college, being commissioned, being saluted, getting married, moving my own family, going to Colorado for the first time...

I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting. It's just already turning out to be an interesting semester. Things feel different. Perhaps that's because I'm at the top of the food chain, so-to-speak, and I have more self confidence than in previous years. Maybe cause I'm getting a little bit older. I dunno. I find myself thinking about this stuff more often.


R.I.P. New Cadet Fein

Late Sunday night I found out that one of my New Cadets from Beast died over Christmas break. As I looked at the publication that outlined how we would conduct his TAPS Vigil tomorrow night, I slowly realized that a person somewhat close to me had passed on. That is the closest I've ever been to death. I wasn't sure how to react, or what to do/say. I got choked up and cried some. I got the details of his death from a close friend who knows these things then sent an email to my subordinate leaders from Beast.

We are all astonished at his death. During Beast he was such a happy-go-lucky kind of guy that was down for anything. In order to break the monotony, Cadet leadership in Beast will often have the New Cadets act out a skit or sing a song or anything that might be remotely funny (but not demeaning to a New Cadet's character). Most New Cadets welcome the opportunity to get a laugh, if only not to have to stand like a pole staring off into the distance.

In this light, I can remember watching New Cadet (NC) Fein escape a rabid, bloodthirsty rabbit that was hot on his trail as he ran back into formation. Another time, we, myself, the PSG and the SLs, found that NC Fein had a special skill: he was a moondancer. He had this crazy looking moondance that tickled everyone.

He was one of a kind and we will all miss him. I think the thing I'm learning the most is to be close to the people I'm in charge of; get to know them. I've thought about this lately as I prepare to graduate and take on a group of soldiers of my own. I know I can't save the world, but I'll try to at least look after my troops.


I Hug

This fact is most widely known to Em's faja - hereby known as Yahtzee to keep his identity undisclosed. I'd much rather give someone a hug than shake their hand, especially if they are friend/family. However, complete strangers get the hand first.

I am new to Blogger but not blogging itself. I've moved here in order to better access other blogs and post comments/questions.

So, here goes nothin'.