Sick Baby and CPT Morgan's Tattoo

My poor little girl is sick.  Mims got up this morning to a burning hot and sobbing toddler (100.0F temp).  She's had sick eyes all day and has just wanted to lay on us and watch MoMo (AJ language for Elmo from Sesame Street).  On that, I absolutely love Youtube and the Sesame Street channel for creating the Elmo playlist.  We think it may be her first molar trying to push through because she doesn't have any other sick-like symptoms to go along with her fever.  Whatever the case, we rock the baby tylenol like it's our job (isn't it?).  I hope she gets some peaceful rest tonight.

I also hope E gets some rest tonight.  Too many nights without sleep makes wifey a sad panda.

On a completely different note, have any of you tried Captain Morgan's "Tattoo" Spiced Rum?  I bought a bottle of it recently looking to try something different.  So far, it tastes and smells more like dimetapp and robitussin had a child (as Em tells it).  I'll finish it up, but don't think I'll purchase this stuff anymore.

Any of you try it?

Here are some recent photos for your enjoyment!

AJ and my dad cheesing at Rudy's BBQ

AJ and Mommy smooch at Rudy's

Mims snuck a picture of Pops and I at Texas Roadhouse


Rinsing Your Baby's Hair

I haven't quite figured out the perfect technique in rinsing my 14-month old daughter's hair during bathtime.  As the primary bath-giver, you'd reckon I'd have figured this out by now, but no, not yet.

I've tried to teach her how to close her eyes, but then she accidentally breathes in the water as I pour it over her head.

I try reclining her and rinsing that way, but she won't lay back for longer than a few seconds before freaking out.

My wife has her look up towards the cup and this seems to work best.  I think I'll try this one out during her next bath.

AJ jumped in the shower with me this morning and she wasn't too sure about the shower head.  I had to turn it into a game (with the assistance of my determined wife).  Eventually she was ok having her back in the water, but once I went to put her head under to rinse the shampoo, she was trying to get away from it...

Any ideas?  Have any of you figured out a sure method to rinse your kid's hair without simultaneous choking and screaming?