Pass the Gas, Pass the Blame

So I was in spin class [yesterday] morning, working my tail off trying to keep up with the trainer without completely losing feeling in my legs, when I felt some rumbling in my guts. Shortly thereafter the inevtivable happened - a little poof of stink came out and I couldn't help but look around and make sure nobody was looking at me. What I noticed was that only one person was within 10 feet of me.

That got me thinking. If she smelled it, then she certainly knew it was me, not her. She knew that she didn't do it. She must have known it was me. Or maybe she didn't smell it.

If she did, she was kind enough not to mention it. Shoot, maybe she farted and I didn't smell it.

SO - why write about this? Well, I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience or have been the unfortunate smeller of a worker-outer's gas passage. I certainly have. I've never called them out either, unless they were my workout partner. Even then we just chuckle and chalk it up as "workout gas."

p.s. - if you really want a laugh, hold someone's feet for about 30-50 situps. They're sure to rip one or more than a few.

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