Sleep-In Sunday

Why Sundays at the Hurst household are awesome:

(1) We sleep in until our backs hurt and we absolutely have to pee;
(2) After we stretch and get up to pee, we can go back to sleep;
(3) When we finally get up, we make mint tea and coffee;
(4) After making our choice morning beverages, we begin breakfast;
(5) We cook breakfast together;
(6) Emily lets me cook home fries and omelettes with any combination of ham/turkey/bacon/feta/cheddar;
(7) After breakfast we relax and get our dose of internet together;
(8) If we're being good Christians, we'll listen to a podcast of the most recent message or go to church;
(9) And then...NFL SUNDAY!!!! GO BENGALS!

p.s. - there are lots of ways to remove burnt plastic from a stove burner :-/

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