Daddy's Letters to Amelia; Number 1

Well, this is actually my 6th letter to her, but this is the first one I wrote to her after she was born.  Like Mimsy Lou, I plan on publishing some letters that I've written to Amelia to help capture my thoughts and feelings about her as time passes.  The act of writing to her was at first odd but quickly became easy and fun.  Imagining her reading these letters when she is older takes my imagination to whole new level.  I highly recommend this exercise as it is enriching not only to me but for Emily and Amelia as well.

So, read on below for my first published letter to my daughter Amelia.  I've edited some stuff out for OPSEC and personal reasons.  You can't know EVERYTHING about me ;)  There's only one person privileged to that information.

08 October 2010

Dear Amelia,

Hi my little princess.  I’m back in Iraq now.  I’m still up at 2:10am due to jet lag.  I’m going back to work on the ECP around [edited].  I’m trying to stay up all night to get myself back on Iraq time. Gary and Geri are with you and Mommy right now and Daddy is happy that Mommy has some help with you.  However, I’m really jealous that they are getting to spend time with you and I’m here.  But, I guess that’s life sometimes.  I hope to get out of the Army in 2014 so I won’t ever have to be away from home too long. 

[edited]  I just miss you so much.  Kissing you goodbye in the back of the RAV was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life and I hope I never have to do that again.  You’re just so beautiful and great.  Saying goodbye to Mommy also hurt because I just love being with her and I know raising you alone for the next 5 months is going to be hard on her.  I feel so useless out here.  Back home I get to help Mommy with you and that gives me such a great purpose in life.  Out here, I’m just an OIC for an ECP.  I don’t even have that many Soldiers anymore.  So, I’m just going to try and stay busy until I get to come home.  Some people around here have hinted that we may come home early, but I’m not getting my hopes up just to get them shot down.  So, I’m going to continue with the assumption that I won’t get home until March. 

Delilah has been very cautious about approaching you.  I hope that she eases up and that you be nice to her.  Please don’t pull her hair or tail.  She’s a really mellow cat and loves to just be petted.  She’ll play with Daddy too.  She likes it when I fling her string with her.   She likes to love on and sleep with Mommy.  I hope one day I can teach you to play with her.

I also hope that one day I can help you learn how to play baseball, football, soccer, and any other sport you (or your Mommy and I) take an interest in. 

Popop and Grandmolly think that you look just like me.  I think you look more like Mommy than me.  In any case, you are beautiful and are Mommy and my princess.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. 

Well, I’m going to get off here and putter around a bit and hope I’m awake at [edited]am to take my shower and shave. 

You are great, you are wonderful, and you are ours. 

Love you,


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