House of Rockets - Week 4

I'm starting in on my 4th weekly installment of House of Rockets and I thought I'd give a wrap-up to let everyone know how it's going.

I initially set out to mix from about 8pm until midnight but it's become more like 7:30pm until about 10:15pm.

Nobody showed up to dance the couple of times I played and I think these are the main reasons why:

  1. I didn't really promote myself (no flyers around the COB, no asking friends to come out [Digital DJ Tips creator/writer explains the usefulness of bringing your friends to your gig in this article]).
  2. It's on a Monday night, and even in Iraq people want to get to bed at a decent time for work the next day.
  3. The venue is a bit hidden so with a bit more #1 perhaps more people will come out.
I have since posted more flyers and gotten some people to come out.  Namely, my commanding officer came (he just happened to be writing an MWR article) to talk with me about my hobby and to snap a few photos.  This is the best one he shot:
Wearing my favorite hat, mixing on my netbook.  Bigups to Coffee Times and the Rices for the bumper sticker.
At one point there were about 11 people dancing which totally made my night.  Early on in my set, I had dropped Subway pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on my uniform and had tripped over nearly every cable in the place (was basically having a clutz night), but seeing those people dancing made up for everything.  I felt a brand new energy when people started dancing and smiling at what I was playing.  It was weird.  I had already worked a 13 hr shift that day, was in combat boots and was dirty from a workout I had done earlier and yet, if they had kept on dancing, I would have kept on spinning.  It was neat.

A couple things of note from that night:
  • Some people who are on the dance floor have NO PROBLEM coming right up to you and pretty much demanding (putting on a poopy face) that you play their favorite Adam Lambert/Britney Spears song.  This one lady actually busted out her iPod and looked at me as if I could run it into my net book and make it work.  I wanted so bad to help her out but had no idea how to make it work.  So, instead, I played the only BS song I had:  Hold It Against Me.  It didn't really go with what I was playing, but she went nuts over it.  So, hey, cool beans.
  • As you can see from the photo, my pc was set atop a bar of sorts.  One person decided to set her dixie cup of juice right next to my setup.  I left it alone because I was having so much fun, but I couldn't help but imagine what kind of disaster that could turn up to be.  I'm glad we can't drink alcohol here for this reason.
  • On the other side, I think if people were allowed to drink it might loosen them up and make them feel more comfortable getting on the dance-floor.  That's all I'll say about that.
  • I love to dance to the music too, so I find myself jumping out from behind my pc and dancing along.  I just can't HELP it.
There's more to the night, but not much.  My next House of Rockets (HOR) is coming up in a few days so I'm working on getting my set-list done.  The more nights I mix the more I figure out which tracks and what style of music I like spinning the most.

I'm also being given a guest slot next Saturday night alongside a hip-hop DJ so I am UBER excited about that.  First I will get to spin during prime-time; Second I'll get to work with someone instead of alone.  So cool!

I will be posting another mix here soon. Upload speeds are snail's pace around here...


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